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Orange and Black are still just Halloween Colors


My husband and I enjoy watching TV shows on Netflix on Amazon together. We recently finished catching up on Covert Affairs on Amazon Prime – couldn’t resist the DC theme! Last fall and winter we made our way through Doctor Who. We are totally hooked and cannot wait for the new season to come out this November! Hurry up BBC! And we devoured House of Cards (another DC theme) and Arrested Development. Making our way through a TV series is one of our “couple hobbies”. Our other couple hobbies are cooking…and eating…and drinking. But that’s another blog post!

This past weekend my husband suggested we watch the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black. He insisted it was a comedy. I knew it wasn’t really a comedy after seeing some chatter, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to prove him wrong. Well I am completely hooked, and he completely lost interest about the 4th episode. I made myself NOT watch it last night as I think I was becoming a little obsessed. I found myself contemplating over how sad and profound things like Crazy Eyes asking Piper why the inmates call her Crazy Eyes. SOB. Also, Piper is starting to remind me of Kathleen Kelly in You’ve Got Mail. I seriously want to slap her and say you are an idiot! She almost deserves to be in jail for other previous behavior besides the actual one that landed her there.

Anyways, I wouldn’t quite recommend the show mainly because it is pretty raunchy. This show falls into the category of “I will not sit on the couch next to my parents and watch this. No way.” That’s still a pretty good barometer no matter how old I get. But I can’t wait to see how the season ends!


Lunch hour

My boss a few months ago showed me an article that described my generation’s work ethic.  The article basically said that Generation Y folks are very productive when they are allowed to check Facebook, tweet, and read news sites/blogs OCASSIONALLY throughout the day.  I guess you can say it’s the gas that lights our fire?

To keep my work ethic at a maximum and myself ethical in general, there are a few sites I read every day while eating lunch.  My absolute favorite is Capitol Hill Style.  The author has a way of turning proper fashion and etiquette inside the beltway into the best witty humor I have ever read.

My second favorite is what I like to call my dirty little secret: Reality Tea.  This website is everything gossipy you could ever wish for about any one whose a reality star – from Bethenny to Janelle.  If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry.  If you do want to know, Reality Tea has EVERYTHING including pictures you could ever want to know or don’t want to know.  Yes, I am referring to Tariq Salahi. 

When I need to let the domestic goddess out, I visit Ree Drummond’s blog on cooking.  And her picture’s are beautiful.  Beautiful.  Her blog is also great to laugh those office blues away.  Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

Some other blogs I enjoy are below.  I categorized them because… well I have the need to be organized.

Domestic Goddess-ish-ness:




1 week down, 57 to go.

This morning I woke up and decided to take a mental health day.  Ok I admit I somehow must have hit the dismiss instead of snooze for my alarm and woke up a little too late.  But I think taking a day to just chill is exactly what I needed.

One week ago this morning, I said goodbye to the hubbs as he left for TDY.  Thankfully, it was 6 am and I was half asleep so it wasn’t that emotional.  I think I remembered to mumble something poetic, like “stay safe”.  As I felt the three tears, (yes only three!) on my face after he left the hotel room, I quickly rationed, “its 6 freakin am and you still need some sleep.  get back to sleep.”  Thankfully I found I Love Lucy playing on TV – hence my obsession with Hallmark channel lately – and fell back asleep.

It has been interesting how this first week of separation has gone.  No major breakdowns yet!  And I’m doing everything healthy to stay strong and positive.  And I’m trying to laugh at myself and understand myself more as I transition into this temporary stage of life.  Alright, not everything healthy as baby girl and I may or may not have just ate an entire third of an oreo package…

On the way home last week, baby girl and I stopped at Hobby Lobby.  We walked past an older couple and the man was telling his wife, “No!  No you may not buy that!  You don’t need that, you have something JUST like that at home!”  I swear I almost started bawling in the middle of the store because that’s exactly what the hubbs would say to me.  Thankfully, I quickly turned down an aisle that was nothing but mirrors and I was forced to look at myself dead in the face.  And then I look down at baby girl who LAUGHED at me.  Haha, ahh its even theraputic just thinking back to that moment.  :-)

Thankfully there are alot of resources for families in our situation.  Basically a brief summary of everything says to give yourself time and just be honest with yourself.  When girlfriends have asked how I’m doing, I take a moment to think and respond truthfully.  If I’m feeling annoyed with this situation, I respond “ugh!”

I vow to not pretend to be tough!  That’s too much trouble.  But I also refuse to be a basket case.

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