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Practical Shoes. What!?

A woman can do anything if she has on the right pair of shoes. Moving back to DC in July gave me a clean slate to invest in some quality urban mommy shoes.  I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of taking the Metro and walking to work, grocery store, shopping, coffee shop, bank, pre-school etc. The vital component of this however is the proper footwear.

It took me years to be able to put “proper” in front of “footwear”. This is the girl after all who showed up wearing boots with heels to go to Great Falls freshman year. (In my defense, I had no idea the parking lot was not directly off the nice wood deck overlook.) Being from Texas automatically makes shoes like flip-flops totally proper footwear…until your toes are cut, bruised and filthy from the metro and have brushed up against the belongings of a homeless person.  I wore my reef sandals while commuting as an intern in DC, and then for a while at my first job until one day I felt ridiculously underdressed standing next to my male colleagues and the pretty woman wearing black Jimmy Choo pumps in the elevator. The flip-flops had to go.

Since the socks/sneaker/panty hose look was NOT an option, I began my series of short affairs with multiple pairs of flats. I tried to count how many pairs I have gone through since 2008 and now have a headache. My favorite pair was actually purchased at the San Antonio airport. Those suckers defied the abuse of the metro for years. Leave it to Texas flats to last the longest.

I did my research before relocating back to DC this summer for the perfect metro shoe. I originally purchased these puma shoes. Worst idea ever. They felt like house slippers but were stiff as a tree. I’m hoping Piperlime accepts returns this late.

puma shoes

I have ended up wearing this pair of Frye flats I purchased last fall. These shoes are indestructible! I think they technically fall in the driving mocs category, so I think I have achieved a new level of maturity. Gasp!  Also, I feel so American wearing them after reading the company’s background.  Win win!

Frye shoes

Now my dilemma is the color – I am concerned that these flats fall into the “can’t wear white after Labor Day”. I’m trying to decide if that’s a good enough excuse to explain to my husband why I should invest in a new pair before I can wear my beloved Pink Sperry rain boots this winter. Hmm. I think these Frye’s in yellow might be calling my name!


Hell-ish Texas Sun

Last week for Easter service I was wishing I had one of those big hats worn at the Royal wedding.  Victoria Beckham’s would have done the trick.  You see last Saturday I pulled the dumbest stunt ever at my parents house in Texas.

I was trying desperately to transform my pasty white skin to any other color.  I had pushed a pair of sun glasses up on top of my head while laying outside.  Six minutes later (SIX.  Promise.)  it felt like someone had smacked me along my hairline.  The  sun through the sun glasses had made three huge welts on my forehead!  It looked like I had pressed my forehead up against a jail cell.  It felt awful and looked even worse.

Thankfully the beastly marks have totally disappeared a week later.  The experience served as a nice reminder of protecting my skin against the sun,  aka the wonders of sunscrean.  Also thank goodness for the wonders of concealer.

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