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Brunch is Beautiful

Last week I meant to write a post about a recent visit to Birch & Barley.  However I was just too annoyed with life last week I just didn’t feel like blogging.  I barely tweeted! 

First of all, I love brunch.  Lisforthewayyoulookatme Oisfortheonlyoneforme Visveryveryextraordinary Eisevenmorethananyonethatyouadore brunch.  DC thankfully is a most excellent place to live if you love brunch.  My wonderful, almost graduated from lawschool girlfriend decided to gather all her bridesmaids and go brunching.  If brunching isn’t a word, I just made it one.

She picked Birch & Barley, a Logan Circle/U Street  restaurant.  For beer connoisseurs, it is right below Church Key – a place I definately plan on taking the hubbs!  All the girls (except for baby girl quite naturally) got the “boozy brunch”:  Two cocktails, 3 gourmet donuts, and an entree.  Uhh, yes please!  The mimosa in the picture above is Bloody Orange just FYI.  You know you want one.

the Quiche entree

My secret agenda is to convince the hubbs to let me decorate his man cave exactly like Birch & Barley.  I think I have a shot. 





Foodie at a Food Truck

Thanks to the tweet above, I made the spontaneous decision today to join the latest craze of Food Trucks!  I headed out (Washingtonian magazine was correct, it was gorgeous!) and found four trucks all within not even a 5 minute walk from my building. 

One truck – Pi Truck DC – had just sold out of food.  Definately need to catch them next week!  The restaurant Austin Grill had a truck out, but my mom had just treated me to brunch there this past Saturday.  Need a little variety right?  Big Cheese Truck was also out, but as amazing as a brie-honey sandwich sounded, I wanted something a little more… substantial I guess is the right word.

So I went to El Floridano or known on twitter as FLmeetsDC.  It was totally worth the long line.  And I didnt need to stress about having enough cash as they actually took credit cards!  I ordered a Chicken Chian Mai which was Kaffir lime chicken, perfectly charred tomato salsa, avocado, pickled onions, and my absolute favorite green: baby arugula – all served on a baguette.  Oiy vey so yum!

Cannot wait to try another food truck, and thanks to Washingtonian for posting real time food truck positions!

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