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Packing Lunches: My Arch-Nemesis

This morning I was reminded why I do not pack a lunch more often. I love the idea of packing a lunch. There is something so classic about paper lunch bags with whole wheat sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, an apple and a bag of chips.

Back to reality. As a family who ALWAYS forgets to purchase ziploc baggies (I should seriously just order some to be delivered) and someone who somehow turns lettuce to brown/lunch meat to mold immediately upon touching, we never have the supplies for my dream brown bag lunch. So I have attempted to compromise with purchasing all shapes and sizes of pyrex dishes. Usually it works out just fine if you have all the matching lids…

I said screw it this morning, grabbed a whole foods bag, and threw all parts of my taco salad lunch in the bag: carton of cherry tomatoes, Catalina dressing, bag of almost-not-quite brown lettuce, little pyrex of taco meat and cheese, paper bowl, and to top it all off? I just dumped some tortilla chips directly in the bag much to the horror of my husband. There is nothing like your husband looking at you first thing in the morning like you a crazy lady.


I crushed the tortilla chips up on top of my salad anyways!

photo (8)

Regardless, I think it’s time I invest in a real lunch tote, like this one.


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space to think

the horror vacui


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