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5 on Friday

Originally I was going to try a dashboard post for the weekend, but then stumbled across this Five on Friday theme from one of my favorite bloggers: This seemed more socially acceptable (and fun!) than my original idea!

1. I cannot wait to tackle my 3 year olds room this weekend. She beat me to the punch by unpacking boxes herself, or rather dumping all contents of the boxes. I am also going to separate her toys and box some away in the attic so we can begin to cycle through toys. I am tired of feeling claustrophobic in my own house due to the mass quantities of blocks, tea sets, tea cups, legos, and etc etc etc! The comforter I purchased for her room (poor child has lived without a comforter since she made the transition to the big bed) might be delivered tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

hailey comforter 3

2. I’m going to indulge my geeky side tonight by staying up, going outside and looking east to watch a NASA rocket launch tonight.  I think I can stay awake on a Friday night until 11:30!  And it’s a pretty cool mission for this rocket.

3. I so excited for AWANAs and MOPS to start this Sunday and Monday night in our area!  This years MOPS theme is A Beautiful Mess.  Should be great!  I hope I can keep the nerve to go as it will be at a new church where we will be strangers.  We thoroughly enjoyed both AWANAS and MOPS last school year with 1st Baptist Roanoke.  Special place in my heart for those people!


4. All I can think about is good cheese melted on bread right now.  I think I will make one of my favorites avocado and goat cheese grilled cheese.  Omygoodnessgracious.  I also really want to try this grilled Fontina and Blackberry Basil Smash Sandwiches.  I LOVE blackberries and fontina cheese!  I also have okra in my fridge from the farmer’s market, so I think I might make a good ole fashion gumbo tonight.  Love me some Cajun food!


5. Someone from my alma mater posted this article about 15 signs you know you are a D.C. parent.  We qualify for most of them, but I think we need to visit Clemyjontri park this weekend!


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space to think

the horror vacui


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