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Happy late 5 on Friday

Happy Friday!

1. A few weeks ago my daughter spotted Hamburger Helper at the grocery store and insisted we purchase it.  I finally made it for her last night but without the hamburger meat (I didn’t have any on hand).  I have never had hamburger helper before and now I see why.  It was the most disgusting color of orange I have ever seen.  Surely adding hamburger meet does not magically alter it.  The concoction  destroyed my pot too.  I had to boil water and dish soap in the pot to make sure I could reuse that poor pot again!  Ironically she loved it and insisted on feeding each other.  But never buying that again.

2. I was tickled this past week when the premiere for Season 4 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was finally announced for November.  RHOBH is my not to secret-dirty-little-secret.  I LOVE this show.  I own all episodes on am1azon video.  I patiently wait until the next day after the latest episode airs and purchase/watch it much to my husbands chagrin.  Can’t wait!


3. I finally opened my maternity clothes boxes that have been neatly packed away for over 3 years earlier this week.  It’s wonderful to suddenly have boxes of “new” clean clothes!  But I already have my list of a few more things I need to purchase to get me through this pregnancy thanks to these inspirational maternity posts from Baby Steps in Heels and The Small Things Blog.

4. This weekend, I have a date with an old friend at Starbucks.  We have a mutual love for pumpkin spice lattes but we also like the weather to be a little cooler before we imbibe.  As the weather was delicious this past week we couldn’t wait any longer!  Even though I do like PSL, I thoroughly enjoyed this rant a few weeks ago.  I have to admit I agree.

5. It is such a breath of fresh air when we stumble across a great new kids show.  The latest find is Daniel the Tiger.  Remember Mister Rogers Neighborhood?  Well someone had the great idea to take Daniel the Tiger – remember the one that lived in the clock? – and turned it into an animated show.  My daughter made my husband painted notes and insisted we place them in the mailbox just like she saw on the show.  She then insisted I make one for him.  It was such a sweet moment!

photo (9)


Birchbox Review – August

Earlier this week I received an email congratulating me on my 25th Birchbox.  Receiving a Birchbox in the mail is like Christmas every month!  I originally found out about Birchbox from my all time favorite blogger Belle from CapHillStyle.  She loves Birchbox so much she signed up for two boxes a month!

The deal is you receive 5 beauty products a month in sample sizes that match your skin type, color and preferences for $10.  It’s like striking gold some months!  Especially for folks who would love to have the time and budget to try products from Sephora and the make up counter at Nordstrom.  One day, I vow.  I also love that you can login to your account and see the products all nicely organized.  I need things like this to make re-ordering products from desk, phone, iPad at any time a breeze.

I wanted to review the products from my August box.  I know it’s September, but it takes me a good month to try out products.

august birchbox

My favorite product from last month is the ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick in Dawn to Dusk.  This lipstick is now apart of my low maintenance morning routine I posted Monday.  I’m picky about lipstick.  I like ones that don’t smell, chap my lips, make me look like a clown, or make my coffee cup look like artwork.

model co lipstick

My second favorite product from August is the Whish Exfoliating Body Wash.  The scent is light but refreshing and it does a great job at exfoliating.  I will be purchasing this for next summer.

I was glad to receive another leave in hair product in this box.  I use spray on my hair as well as my daughter’s, so the more we have on hand the better!  I didn’t like this one as much as I loved the Beauty Protector spray from the February box earlier this year.  That spray smells amazing!

I have the deodorant swipes in my purse for a random occasion, and I am not going to try the BECCA Foundation sample.  I am paranoid to use new foundations on my skin as I have problem skin.

I give August’s box a thumb’s up!

Favorite Beauty Product

I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to my morning routine.  Having a 3 year old to also get ready cuts into any time that is spent on applying lip and eye liner and three shades of eye shadow.  That’s for date night and the weekend!  Also, I have to admit, I don’t like a full face of make up for the office.  I want to look clean, presentable, and ready to work.

The one product I absolutely adore and must use every morning is Benefit Cosmestic Eye Bright pencil.  I started using this about two years ago when I wanted to always ensure I looked well rested even if that was far from the truth with a busy 18 month old and a deployed husband.  I line my lower lash line, dot some in the corners of my eye, and then smooth with my ring finger.  (No one wants pink eye lashes.)  Amazing!

benefit pink pencil

And it gets better.  Just recently I stumbled across this video from Wayne Goss on extra ways to use a highlighter, specifically Yves Saint Laurent ‘Touche Eclat’.  I was inspired by the video to try some of his tips with my trusty Benefit pink pencil and I’m never going back.  I quickly draw a line with the pencil down the center of my nose, across the t-zone on my forehead, and right in the middle of my upper lip.  And of course blending with my ring finger.  I am no make up artist, so I can’t explain the logic behind it, but I am telling you it perks up your entire face.  Now to dust on some powder/bronzer, crimp my eyelashes, light layer of lipstick and this working momma is ready for the day!

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