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Corn: God’s Gift to Man

My husband loves corn.  Loves.  Give that man a stick of butter, salt and pepper, and at least two steamed ears of corn and he is one happy fella.  A messy fella, but a happy fella.  When we were first married I made spaghetti and meatballs and decided to serve corn on the cob as a side.  I was so offended he ate ALL the corn first before even touching my homemade meatballs and sauce.  I didn’t make spaghetti and meatballs for over a year – and I made it only because he requested.

I’m always trying to find new recipes with corn to make for him. A few nights ago, I made Pioneer Woman’s Corn & Cheese Chowder and he loved it!  Especially because it has his other favorite love – bacon.  But that demands an entirely different post.

I left out the bell peppers and it turned out just as flavorful.  Delish even in August!

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Baby Powder Explosion

Vintage Baby Powder pic
You know those parenting moments that leave you smacking your forehead with your palm, groaning “Why God, why?” repeatedly?  We had one of those this week.  When our preschooler was supposed to be peacefully going to sleep in her room, she climbed up onto her dresser and found the baby powder.  She then proceeded to empty the entire bottle in her bed.  But not before giving the bottle a few good squeezes in every direction, sending puffs of white powder all over the wood floors, furniture, toys and unpacked boxes.  Needless to say, we let her sleep with us that night – after she took a bath.

Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh after your get a headache from smacking yourself.  It also made me realize how stressed out I have been about all dust and grit on the floor that constantly reappears.  We were so excited to move in a few weeks ago, I forgot to run a rag around the floors.  (My trusty Dyson vacuum cleaner is still in our old place).  Nothing puts things into perspective as a coat of white powder covering an entire room.  Also, the floor boards in her room will never squeak until Jesus comes back.  According to Pinterest and Google that is.

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