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Lunch hour

My boss a few months ago showed me an article that described my generation’s work ethic.  The article basically said that Generation Y folks are very productive when they are allowed to check Facebook, tweet, and read news sites/blogs OCASSIONALLY throughout the day.  I guess you can say it’s the gas that lights our fire?

To keep my work ethic at a maximum and myself ethical in general, there are a few sites I read every day while eating lunch.  My absolute favorite is Capitol Hill Style.  The author has a way of turning proper fashion and etiquette inside the beltway into the best witty humor I have ever read.

My second favorite is what I like to call my dirty little secret: Reality Tea.  This website is everything gossipy you could ever wish for about any one whose a reality star – from Bethenny to Janelle.  If you don’t know who they are, don’t worry.  If you do want to know, Reality Tea has EVERYTHING including pictures you could ever want to know or don’t want to know.  Yes, I am referring to Tariq Salahi. 

When I need to let the domestic goddess out, I visit Ree Drummond’s blog on cooking.  And her picture’s are beautiful.  Beautiful.  Her blog is also great to laugh those office blues away.  Check it out, you’ll see what I mean.

Some other blogs I enjoy are below.  I categorized them because… well I have the need to be organized.

Domestic Goddess-ish-ness:





Brunch is Beautiful

Last week I meant to write a post about a recent visit to Birch & Barley.  However I was just too annoyed with life last week I just didn’t feel like blogging.  I barely tweeted! 

First of all, I love brunch.  Lisforthewayyoulookatme Oisfortheonlyoneforme Visveryveryextraordinary Eisevenmorethananyonethatyouadore brunch.  DC thankfully is a most excellent place to live if you love brunch.  My wonderful, almost graduated from lawschool girlfriend decided to gather all her bridesmaids and go brunching.  If brunching isn’t a word, I just made it one.

She picked Birch & Barley, a Logan Circle/U Street  restaurant.  For beer connoisseurs, it is right below Church Key – a place I definately plan on taking the hubbs!  All the girls (except for baby girl quite naturally) got the “boozy brunch”:  Two cocktails, 3 gourmet donuts, and an entree.  Uhh, yes please!  The mimosa in the picture above is Bloody Orange just FYI.  You know you want one.

the Quiche entree

My secret agenda is to convince the hubbs to let me decorate his man cave exactly like Birch & Barley.  I think I have a shot. 




Old-School Ways Commence

Well, I did it.  I told comcast to install a landline phone.  It feels so weird to get something that’s considered so “old school” and almost unnecessary.  Almost unnecessary that is…

When our introductory Comcast rate expired (what a joke right?) I discovered that for the same price as  our new rate I could have a landline, faster internet and HBO.  Too bad Sex and the City went off the air years ago! 

I had been contemplating getting a landline since we moved for various, logical reasons.  As in the nanny won’t have to use her minutes when I call to check on baby girl during the day.  I won’t have to constantly remember where I set my phone down when the hubbs will be calling from “over there”.  And slight confession, I simply hate talking on a cell phone.  Give me a handset baby!

Now to find that handset.  Can you believe that its harder to FIND a real phone these days than it was to make the decision to have a landline installed??  For example, Target does not even have ANY in stores.  And believe me I walked up and down every aisle.  On Best, the phones are listed under office supplies – not even under their own category.  And of course, Staples was sold out of the only cordless handset I wanted. 

I think I am going to go completely old school and buy an old phone.  You know like the one Lucy Ricardo uses.  Pottery barn and actually have some great ones.  Who knows where this old school way of thinking will lead, especially since the hubbs is pretty dang old school at heart.  Next week you might find me sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair sipping iced tea.

phones from Pottery Barn

phone from


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